1. About Regarding Modding

1. I can not install the mod in GTA San Andreas:
To install a mods you want to enter into GTA San Andreas is easy, all can if we try, without trying not to fruition, how to install mods is as follows: 1. Uses ALCI's IMG Editor program or programs IMGTool or other IMGEditor 2. Understanding and tutorial how to wear ALCI's IMG Editor Click Here

2. Minimum Specs for Playing GTA San Andreas
1. What is the minimum computer spec enough to play GTA San Andreas:
1GHz Pentuim III or AMD Athlon 256MB RAM 8x Speed DVD Drive 3.6 GB Hard Disk Space 64MB Video Card DirectX 9 compatable sound & video drivers Keyboard, mouse

3. About surrounding Handling
1. How do I edit Handling GTA San Andreas?:
You can replace the original line with line handling in handling.cfg handling mod (GTA San Andreas \ data).
2. How can I get the drift handling?:
You can get here, the following handling drift I made: (Name Vehicle) 1059.9 4099.9 2.0 0.0 0.1 -0.48 75 0.70 0.80 0.47 5 350.0 55.0 5.0 RP 8.0 0.45 1 55.0 1.4 0.15 0.0 0.28 -0.05 0.5 0.3 1.25 0.10 35000 01780002 c0000000 1 1 1

4. About Regarding CLEO
1. How to install CLEO Mod?:
You can get CLEO 4.0 in Here
how to install it quite easily .. 1.stay you click install. 2.then uncheck Sany Builder, 3.click continue 4.then just follow the steps only step, 5.then wait until the process is complete.
2. How to put CLEO Mod ?:
put the file .cs in CLEO folder (GTA San Andreas \ CLEO), put the file. fxt CLEO_TEXT folder (GTA San Andreas\CLEO\CLEO_TEXT).
5. About Regarding ENBSeries
1. How to Put and Install ENBSeries in GTA San Andreas?:
Then you can just copy and paste all the files to a folder ENB in your GTA San Andreas.
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